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Event Control System for the Main Lighting and RGB Lighting

The event control system for the main lighting and RGB lighting provided by GigaTera can deliver an experience beyond your imagination.
GigaTera’s event control system includes control functions that can be interlinked with the shouts of spectators or interlinked with music. It can even render event features automatically.
Each color in the RGB event lighting can be controlled separately, and the pre-set functions can be used to create a dazzling, dynamic entertainment environment that rivals the effects of stage lighting.
GigaTera’s sports lighting is compatible with various control solutions that can be used in various stadiums.
They are designed to empower users to respond actively to any situation.



RS-485 communication based GigaTera Event control solution

GeSS event wired control solution supports the self-protocol of the RS-485 communication method.
The self-protocol can use the Multidro function to generate the network of the device that is connected to the single RS-485 serial port.
One unit of the master device can be connected with a maximum of 32 units of the slave device and can perform a maximum of 1,200m of serial communications. Also, the Daisy Chain and Ringtone Topology in the design ensure that even if a cable disconnection or communication error occurs in a specific section, the system as a whole can operate normally.

Reference installation sites : Miami Dolphins, Incheon Bridge