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GigaTera Roadway Control Solution

Normal highway roadway lighting and security lights on narrow roads can be efficiently managed by adopitng the wireless control for the control and maintenance without the need for separate cabling
The Roadway lighting control is a dedicated system for the GigaTera roadway light that provides support for remote intensity controls through 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular network communication in order for the additional energy savings and uniformity as well as mesh network, self-diagnosis, system error reporting, and real-time monitoring in implementing higher electrical efficiency by saving the cost and time for the operation and maintenance.


Major Functions of the Server

- Selective control for individual lamps, groups of lamps, channels of lamps, or gateways
- Various control modes including sunrise/sunset time setting, on/off time
   setting, and brightness control for time zones
- 100-step brightness control of lighting fixtures, and a real-time display of on/off and error states
- Intuitive lamp control by Google Maps
- Removal of hazardous elements by granting graded access authorities to users
- Monitoring of power consumption and various statistical reports
- Various facilities management functions including gateway and node information management,
   repair history query, and event log query
- Rapid notification of hazardous situations in linkage with Whistle to facilitate emergency actions

Case Study - Round Rock, USA

This demo installation project, which took place in Round Rock in Texas, U.S., was the first example in the country of a convergence street lighting and alarm system combining CCTV and wireless communication functions loaded on to smart street lighting. The demo installation was divided into two locations. The main roads selected were Double Creek Drive and Forest Creek Drive. Here, we installed the META-Whistle product equipped with the ‘road alert solution.’ Meanwhile, in the Safety Exchange Zones near the Round Rock police station, we installed SPES-SETA, a ‘road control solution’ that wirelessly transmits the captured high definition (HD) video through the network. This demo installation allowed us to perform a simulation of the effectiveness of the movement of the emergency vehicles, before and after the installation of the META-Whistle products. We were able to prove faster mobility in areas with high vehicle traffic, and the local press highly reviewed our achievement in setting a new standard in road alert solutions.